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reservoir is dedicated to offer a program of live cultural and artistic events in real time. You are able to select your favorite performances in the ‘explore’ page, and purchase tickets to watch them from your home. You can also subscribe to the ‘Reservoir’ where you can see replays of the past events and access a wider selection of films and videos.


Interacting, presenting, transferring and re-imagining live cultural events into the digital space. A local emphasis with global reach. Created and situated locally, in theaters, site specific spaces, buildings, and streets, presents a program of dance productions, performances, art festivals, talks, and discussion panels. Viewers all over the globe share the same space, same events, same conditions, and equal perceptions.
Live culture from around the world

How it works

Explore cities and dance performances from unconventional spaces, share culture and get inspiration from artists Worldwide. Sign up to in order to purchase tickets for live events or subscribe to the Reservoir to watch the replays.

LIVE | Login in for free and purchase tickets of live performances of your choice (Pay Per Event).

  1. Click on the ‘buy ticket’ button and follow the purchase process
  2. You will receive a link in your email inbox for each ticket you purchase
  3. At the time of the performance you can log in and go to the LIVE page to watch the event
  4. You will notice the countdown on the event screen and the green button that says ‘Valid Ticket” (if you are logged in)
  5. At exact time, the doors will open for the streaming to begin.
  6. Enjoy the performance, enjoy culture!

Reservoir | You can also subscribe monthly to the RESERVOIR in order to watch the replays and have your artistic mediatheque.

  1. Click subscribe button and choose your monthly plan
  2. You will have full access to all replays of Live streaming, video dance films, documentaries, and video on demand of cultural events Worldwide.

If you are using for the first time, we advise that you sign up, purchase your ticket and confirm your subscription few hours before the performance or event starts. Always make sure that you are logged in otherwise you will not be able to access the streaming and your purchase will not be validated.

Support cultural philosophy, support dance, support is a new cultural project that aspires a new approach to the digital as an artistic medium. It aims, at the same time, to provide transformative experiences through dance, and to expand the public's enjoyment, appreciation and understanding of dance. We aim to present new and original works, and to promote the access of culture in a global perspective. Our mission is to imagine an engaged role for culture that empowers, and inspires our human values. We rely on the support of individuals, trusts and foundations and businesses to carry out our artistic mission and to support our projects and their progress.

Support today and help us to:

Support Citerne
  1. Present dance artists and companies from around the world
  2. Support our Artists and Companies, in addition to young emerging artists
  3. Enable the creation of new work by investing in commissioning and producing
  4. Deliver innovative creative learning projects
  5. Reach as wide an audience as possible and encourage people of all backgrounds and ages to enjoy dance
  6. Maintain a new approach to artistic work and voice culture on the digital space.

If you are interested in supporting there are lots of ways to get involved and enjoy more of everything Citerne has to offer. Please join us in our mission.

Citerne Pages

  1. Is where you can explore and discover all the artistic and cultural events that will be live streamed. The events are listed individually in chronological date and time. If an event belongs to a festival or a specific program then it will be tagged with the name of the program/festival. You can search for events with specific categories, organizers, artists, or cities.

  2. The listing in this page highlights the full program of different cultural institutions and/or festivals. Moreover, it highlights the cities where different events are taking place. From this page you can also access the individual city pages to discover other previous and future events that are, or were, programmed in the city. This pages highlights the full program of a festival or program and maintain its artistic vision and focus. Users will be able to access the festivals or specific programs and discover the performances, workshops, talks, and other activities of a festival or a cultural institution.

  3. Each person mentioned on the Platform will have an individual page with a short biography and links to the artistic events, workshops, talks that s/he participated in. Not only artists are highlighted but also the wider community of people working around a performance, event or festival.

  4. is an interactive and living space or a mediatheque space. It will allow users to subscribe and be able to see replays of previous live events. It is a space where recordings of live performances and/or video dance creations are stored after they are live streamed. This page page aims to accumulate the artistic and cultural thought, and thus keep it alive and present.

Revenues on the reservoir are shared among the artistic works equally. Works are not judged to number of views or time length

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Live festival and events reservoir of all performances, cultural multidisciplinary multicultural discourse.

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