Local cities
Global bodies is a proposal that opens possibilities for critical artistic thought to rethink culture and open new channels of artistic expressivity and engagement.

The Concept proposes an artistic program embracing an urgent discussion about the future and politics of performance-making and forms of presentations. Moreover, it aims to host creators, performers, writers, visual artists, researchers, and philosophers that are engaged in formulating a critical discourse against domination and inequality.


Interacting, presenting, transferring and re-imagining live cultural events into the digital space. A local emphasis with global reach. Created and situated locally, in theaters, site specific spaces, buildings, and streets, presents a program of dance productions, performances, art festivals, talks, and discussion panels. Viewers all over the globe share the same space, same events, same conditions, and equal perceptions.

Cultural framework proposes an alliance among artists and artistic operators in order to create a cultural framework for creative thought online. It opens new possibilities of artistic collaborations across artistic mediums, as well as developing a wider network of hands-on solidarity among artists, cultural organizations, and festivals. ‘A voice for culture’, reflecting its innovative values as well as values of cooperation, commonality, locality, equality, solidarity, and transnational approach.

Cultural asylum is an online interdisciplinary digital space designed to serve as an artistic ‘safe hub’, and to propose a live streaming program of cultural events. It aims to present a rich artistic program with special attention to projects that were not able to be realized in their own cultural and social contexts, and that possess an esteemed artistic proposal. It aims to propose itself as a space where the unsuccessful, marginalized, oppressed, exiled, are sheltered, empowered, and supported through artistic practice. is inspired from a cultural project in Beirut that was forced to be dismantled in August 2019.

Access to culture

The real fight of culture is to formulate a new perception beyond the fixed labels of power and domination. An ecological as well as a human discourse. The project emphasizes the local, the private, and the provincial within the global. The importance of the project is that it gives access to culture and allows viewers in remote areas to be involved and engaged in artistic and cultural events. The viewers will share the same space, same events, same conditions, and equal perceptions. ‘Spaces-of-inspiration’ embracing a notion beyond the national, regional, or even international. Hence, creating a wider transnational community around the platform that is mixed, varied, and diverse regardless of geography, nationality, religion, color, gender, profession, and age. An opportunity to capitalize on culture, on meaning, on solidarity beyond the limitations of borders.

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Live festival and events reservoir of all performances, cultural multidisciplinary multicultural discourse.

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