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    Medea by Thomas Noon - Photo by Manuel Lozano
    Round Table

    Relationships and issues between dance and video

    Mia HabisOmar RajehFU LEOlivier ChervinElodie Lefebvre

    The digital era is shaking up our habits and our fields of perception. But the digital world is also an opportunity to rethin...

    Round table

    Queer Masculinities - Thinking Masculinities Between Intimate and Political

    Frank LamyLorenz Jack Chaillat-CavailléVictor MarzoukNoëlla Bugni-DuboisSUZANNE

    Jerk Off invites three queer artists, friends of the Festival, to come and question their masculinity(ies) for a round table ...

    Video dance


    SUZANNEJulien Chaudet

    In a natural and oppressive environment that Man never seems to have altered, TEPHRA tells in images a contemporary mythology...

    Street theatre

    Le Bull Machin de Villeurbanne

    Pôle PIXELRoyal de Luxe

    Enter the magical world of the latest creation of Jean-Luc Courcoult / Royal de Luxe: "The Bull Machin of Villeurbanne, grand...



    Sofian Jouini

    Jedeya. A bubble of memories of the ancestral gestures that shaped the life of a Tunisian grandmother and which have been pas...

    Video dance


    Layal Berberi

    A spontaneous journey where the traveler leaves their life behind for a time to let the spirit of the landscape and architect...

    Video dance

    Turbulent Flow

    Natasha KaramGeorge NassarTaymour Boulos

    Turbulent flow is an expression of time and space. It was shot in the Lebanese mountains during a time of transition as well ...

    Video dance

    Fresh Oranges into the ocean

    Silvia Giordano

    While merging and intertwining with nature, three young girls create a metaphorical and visionary narrative of their present ...

    Video dance

    Snakes and Ladders

    Yara Boustany

    Snakes and Ladders is an imaginary excursion, examining darkness, metaphorically, sensorially and symbolically. Hopelessly po...

    Video dance

    The Odor of Elephants after the Rain

    Omar Rajeh

    In 2019, Omar Rajeh, the choreographer, begins a series of explorations that will lead him to unprecedented questions: The fo...


    #Cultural_disobedience & Political Change

    Omar RajehJean KassirNizar Ghanem

    How culture can formulate a discourse for political change while protecting itself from shifting into political propaganda. W...

    undedicated spaces

    Les Hors-Lits Belfort-Tunis #1

    Mohamed ChnitiMeriem BouajajaChourouk El MahatiMohamed LamqayssiAngela VanoniZoé JohnsonSelim Ben SafiaAL BADIL

    Since 2005, Hors-Lits provides artistic performance opportunities in local residents’ homes. Created by Léonardo Montecchia i...


    Corps, Conscience et Cosmos

    Vania VaneauChristophe DemurLaurent Chevillard

    What are the links between the body consciousness and the cosmos? Or first of all, what is the body, the consciousness, the c...


    Cartes sur Table - a future for dance in Ukraine?

    Simon DoveAnton OvchinnikovPolina Bulat

    How do artists work in a war zone? How can artists safeguard a culture under threat of annihilation? What does courage and da...


    Caring, Daring, Sharing

    Omar RajehPeggy OlislaegersRana KhouryPascal BrunetHope Azeda

    Maqamat organizes in partnership with the CND and the Relais Culture Europe, on May 6 and 7 in Lyon, meetings in several form...


    Concerns OutLoud

    Mia HabisKhouloud YassineBintou DembéléJulia Moncla

    A conversation at How much artists are protected and have the ability to decide their own paths. What do they need and how wo...

    Video dance


    Anamaria Klajnšček Magí Serra

    Cossoc is a hypnotic choreography filled with suggestive images of what two bodies in constant balance can do. A movement res...

    Video dance

    Brots Transhumants

    Magí Serra

    Brots Transhumants is an artistic documentary created and edited live during an artistic transhumance. The artists propose a ...

    Video dance

    La Hora de la Despedida

    Juan Carlos Lérida

    A dance film based on the Passion of Christ. We see how the soul leaves its body in the form of a flying jacket, but returns ...