Elodie Lefebvre

Visual artist

Elodie Lefebvre is a visual artist. Her scope is: volume, installation, drawing and video. From the 1990s, the body, pushed into its expressive capacities, is at the center of her installations and videos. Since 2001, in conjunction with her visual work, she has collaborated with choreographers from international dimension on documentary films and collaborative residencies. Élodie Lefebvre conceives in 2019 the collaborative creation If I was your mirror, a project dance video. For 3 years, accompanied by professional dancers, Elodie Lefebvre went to meet the patients of the palliative care service, the residents of the EHPAD, and the nursing staff at Givors hospital, to ask them about their dreams and their desires. Together, they created the video/dance corpus "If I was your mirror". In 2022, the project will be set up for three years in the palliative care department of the HCL in Lyon Croix Rousse.

Round Table

Relationships and issues between dance and video

Mia HabisOmar RajehFU LEOlivier ChervinElodie Lefebvre

The digital era is shaking up our habits and our fields of perception. But the digital world is also an opportunity to rethin...

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