Khouloud Yassine

Dancer and Choreographer

Khouloud Yassine is a choreographer, dancer, and actor. She holds a BA in Theater studies from the Lebanese University and a BA in Choreography from the University of Paris 8. She has been collaborating with composer Khaled Yassine since 2007, with whom she has created the performances B Layle Men Azar, Entre Temps, Entre Temps2, and Heroes – Surface of a Revolution. Cover Photo Greg Demarque


Morning Coffee with Khouloud Yassine

Mia HabisKhouloud Yassine

Khouloud Yassine talks about her performance “Heroes- Surface of revolution”, a solo that questions the body as a medium of i...

Live Streaming Performance

Heroes - Surface of a Revolution

Khouloud Yassine

“Heroes- Surface of revolution” questions the body as a medium of influence that is mediatized through the image of itself. I...

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