Khouloud Yassine

Dancer and Choreographer

Khouloud Yassine is a choreographer, dancer, and actor. She holds a BA in Theater studies from the Lebanese University and a BA in Choreography from the University of Paris 8. She has been collaborating with composer Khaled Yassine since 2007, with whom she has created the performances B Layle Men Azar, Entre Temps, Entre Temps2, and Heroes – Surface of a Revolution. Cover Photo Greg Demarque


Concerns OutLoud

Mia HabisKhouloud YassineBintou DembéléJulia Moncla

A conversation at How much artists are protected and have the ability to decide their own paths. What do they need and how wo...


Morning Coffee with Khouloud Yassine

Mia HabisKhouloud Yassine

Khouloud Yassine talks about her performance “Heroes- Surface of revolution”, a solo that questions the body as a medium of i...

Live Streaming

Heroes - Surface of a Revolution

Khouloud Yassine

“Heroes- Surface of revolution” questions the body as a medium of influence that is mediatized through the image of itself. I...

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