Morning Coffee with Khouloud Yassine

Mia HabisKhouloud Yassine
May 22, 2021
7:30 AM


Khouloud Yassine talks about her performance “Heroes- Surface of revolution”, a solo that questions the body as a medium of influence and that can be mediatized through the image of itself. Photo Pixabay .

BIPOD 2021| Architecture of a Ruined Body
Khouloud YassineDancer and Choreographer
Mia HabisDancer & Artistic Director


Maqamat moved to Lyon in 2020 in the perspective of developing its creative and cultural projects in France and internationally. The company counts more than twenty choreographic creations in its repertoire and enjoys great recognition around the world. Maqamat was initially founded in 2002 in Beirut by choreographer Omar Rajeh. It emerged as a major organization in the creation and establishment of a contemporary dance scene in Lebanon and the region. Maqamat has founded major dance projects such as BIPOD-Beirut International Platform of Dance, Takween, an intensive training program, Moultaqa Leymoun, a showcase platform supporting artists from different Arab countries and more recently the online platform

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