Heroes - Surface of a Revolution

Khouloud Yassine
May 21, 2021
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Khouloud Yassine


“Heroes- Surface of revolution” questions the body as a medium of influence that is mediatized through the image of itself. Is it power that creates the image within us? Or is it rather we, masses thirsty for leaders, who create and maintain it? How does someone’s body become a symbol of power? How, by the body’s own fall, is the fall of power announced? Heroes become “accessible” and more easily identifiable as their bodies resemble ours more and more. Is this not an illusion? Photo Greg Demarque

Architecture of a Ruined Body
Khouloud YassineConcept and choreography
Fadi YeniturkScenography
Khaled YassineMusic
Greg DemarquePhotographer
Nisrine YassineAssistant

The Artist

Khouloud Yassine is a choreographer, dancer and actor. Since 2007 she is collaborating with the composer Khaled Yassine, with whom she creates “B Layle Men Azar”, “Entre Temps”, “Entre Temps2” and “Heroes”. In 2014 she collaborates with the choreographer Danya Hammoud, and in 2015 she performs in Xavier Le Roy’s Retrospective. Her last creation “Heroes – surface of a revolution” was premiered in Al Madina theatre in Beirut in February 2017 and was presented in Switzerland, Egypt, Germany, and Czech Republic.

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