Pascal Brunet


Pascal Brunet is the Director du Relais Culture Europe. Relais Culture Europe is the cultural contact point for the European community programme, “Culture”, supporting cultural cooperation and exchanges by providing guidance, information and orientation to professionals in the cultural field. Pascal Brunet held various appointments/posts in the field of culture and contemporary cultures : executive director of the “Centre chorégraphique de Rennes et de Bretagne”, Isadora’s co-director ; ... Involved for several years in the European and international cultural cooperation, he is a founder member of DBM, the euromediterranean cooperation network, and also member of several networks and european forums as IETM, ...


Caring, Daring, Sharing

Omar RajehPascal BrunetGenwa GenwetenKawkab Zuhal

We continue in this second session of Caring, Daring, Sharing conversations after the first one that took place within BIPOD ...


Caring, Daring, Sharing

Omar RajehPeggy OlislaegersRana KhouryPascal BrunetHope Azeda

Maqamat organizes in partnership with the CND and the Relais Culture Europe, on May 6 and 7 in Lyon, meetings in several form...


Architecture of a Ruined Body

Omar RajehPeggy OlislaegersRasha SaltiSimon DoveRana KhouryPascal BrunetFabrizio Grifasi

In the panel discussion “The Architecture of a Ruined Body” we are hoping to open a window of inspiration and motivation towa...

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