Round table

Queer Masculinities - Thinking Masculinities Between Intimate and Political

Frank LamyLorenz Jack Chaillat-CavailléVictor MarzoukNoëlla Bugni-DuboisSUZANNE

Jerk Off invites three queer artists, friends of the Festival, to come and question their masculinity(ies) for a round table ...


To Da Bone


A behind-the-scenes documentary on the creation of the choreographic piece TO DA BONE by the collective (LA)HORDE. From Charl...

Short Film


Avant l'Orage

We make noise but we no longer listen to each other anymore, for you I whine, for me you scold, most of the time we scornfull...

Short Film

Triple Boucle

Maëlla Mickaëlle

The film deals with touching in the junior competition. High-level sport gives a young athlete real strength of character, bu...

Short Film

The Night Manifesto

Arthur Lacomblez

The Night Manifesto is a 4-part experimental short film exploring the intimate significance of partying. It draws the portrai...

Short Film

Tout à côté de moi

Céleste Vidal—Ayrinhac

Can we share a dance remotely? This first "choreographonic" chain tends to create a dimension parallel to the 2020 lockdown, ...

Short Film

Là où il est

Chloé Belloc

A crossing in the Parisian night with a sister and her autistic brother. A stealthy complicity. A slip of vision. She invites...



Rémi Parisse

Alone in a mirror factory, a man paints strange patterns on his body. Questioning his reflections, he loses touch with realit...

Round Table

Mobility(ies), what next?

Roberto Cimetta Funds

This event is by invitations only | Today, cultural exchanges and mobility have suffered a severe halt due to the global pand...

Video dance

Drop Out Bodies

Ludivine Large-Bessette

Contemporary interpretation of the Dance Macabre from the Middle Ages: In a monotonous residential area, the camera glides pa...


Habiter Beyrouth

Michel Tabet

I was not Beirut on the day of the explosion, but I think the shock wave reached me. For days and days my stomach turned upsi...

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