Cameras of January

Mirrors | 4min

Rémi Parisse

Alone in a mirror factory, a man paints strange patterns on his body. Questioning his reflections, he loses touch with realit...

Round Table

Mobility(ies), what next?

Roberto Cimetta Funds

This event is by invitations only | Today, cultural exchanges and mobility have suffered a severe halt due to the global pand...

Video dance
Cameras of December

Drop Out Bodies | 17min

Ludivine Large-Bessette

Contemporary interpretation of the Dance Macabre from the Middle Ages: In a monotonous residential area, the camera glides pa...


Habiter Beyrouth

Michel Tabet

I was not Beirut on the day of the explosion, but I think the shock wave reached me. For days and days my stomach turned upsi...

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