Victor Marzouk


Victor Marzouk is a queer performer from the start. He has shared the stages with Diane Torr, Oreet Ashry and Annie Sprinkle at various events and demonstrations. He collaborated from 2000 with Paul B. Preciado on the Drag King workshop outfit, which he resumed solo from 2005. Daddy of the king community in France, He celebrates his 350th workshop and hundreds of brothers kings across europe. Her work reveals the paradoxes of femininity and masculinity through failure and repetition. He has participated in various documentaries and films such as "My sex is not my kind" by Valerie Miteaux, "Drak king the docu" by Chriss Lagg, "bye bye blondie" "mutants" by Virginie Despentes and more recently at film by Paul B. Preciado which will be broadcast on Arte in 2023. Taking an atypical look at masculinity, he has since multiplied interventions dealing with political and social alternatives of a new masculinity deconstructing norms while calling for a profound questioning of the social privileges granted to cishet men in the public space. Photo ©Solange Lelong Moulière Photo ©Gilles Ramant

Round table

Queer Masculinities - Thinking Masculinities Between Intimate and Political

Frank LamyLorenz Jack Chaillat-CavailléVictor MarzoukNoëlla Bugni-DuboisSUZANNE

Jerk Off invites three queer artists, friends of the Festival, to come and question their masculinity(ies) for a round table ...

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