Queer Masculinities - Thinking Masculinities Between Intimate and Political

Frank LamyLorenz Jack Chaillat-CavailléVictor MarzoukNoëlla Bugni-DuboisSUZANNE
Sep 28, 2022
6:00 PM
JERK OFF Festival


Jerk Off invites three queer artists, friends of the Festival, to come and question their masculinity(ies) for a round table at the town hall of the 10th arrondissement. The opportunity to explore the intimate and political narratives of what covers the terms “man” and “queer” with regard to a patriarchal society which continues to advocate hegemonic masculinity and the difference between the sexes. Around the table: Frank Lamy, in charge of temporary exhibitions at Mac Val; Lorenz Jack Chaillat-Cavaillé, dancer from the Suzanne collective; Viktor Marzouk, co-creator of the “KING VITAM AETERNAM” collective. Moderated by: Noëlla Bugni-Dubois from the Instagram account Our allies men.

Frank LamySpeaker
Lorenz Jack Chaillat-CavailléSpeaker
Victor MarzoukSpeaker
Noëlla Bugni-DuboisModerator

JERK OFF Festival

The Jerk Off Festival is a multidisciplinary arts festival that takes place in Paris and that invites artists whose proposals, references and imaginations are not those of the dominant norm, giving priority to queer bodies. Jerk Off est là pour les artistes qui ne rentrent pas dans des cases prédéfinies, celleux qui inventent, qui racontent, qui témoignent, quelles qu'en soient les formes. Nous sommes aussi là pour encourager nos communautées, toutes nos communautées, pour mettre en avant la richesse et la force de nos diversitées. Jerk Off est un endroit sûr, où les seules règles sont la bienveillance, l’écoute et le respect de toustes.

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