Mobility(ies), what next?

Roberto Cimetta Funds
Dec 21, 2020
2:00 PM
2h 9m
Roberto Cimetta Funds


This event is by invitations only | Today, cultural exchanges and mobility have suffered a severe halt due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. Showing great adaptability, the cultural sector has transferred online many activities initially scheduled face-to-face: multiple meetings, conferences, events, artistic presentations, exhibitions and performances have taken place all over the world despite the distance. physical. Thus, the imposed physical immobility has densified the flow of digital exchanges in real time, and has profoundly transformed the issues and practices of the international mobility of artists and professionals in the sector.

Manuèle Debrinay-RizosChair of Roberto Cimetta Fund
Isin OniolModerator
Emilie PetitSpeaker
Khaled BarakehSpeaker
Liwaa YazjiSpeaker
Julie KarsentyModerator
Marie Le SourdSpeaker
Nawel SkandraniSpeaker
Ahmed El AttarSpeaker
Fanny BouquerelDevelopment officer Roberto Cimetta

Roberto Cimetta Funds

The Roberto Cimetta Fund, is an international non-profit making organisation created in 1999 to respond rapidly and directly to individual artists and cultural managers wishing to travel in order to develop contemporary artistic cooperation projects in the Euro-Arab geographical zone and beyond. It is the Mobility Fund for artists and cultural operators in Europe, the Arab world and the Middle East. Since 2014, RCF is also providing sustaining support grants for venues, platforms and networks in the Arab geographical zone exclusively. The Board of Directors of the Fund, the Committee of experts and the staff have built up considerable expertise on the development of funding mechanisms and management of funding for the benefit of international cultural co-construction processes within the artistic community at large. This expertise is offered to local, regional, national and international governing bodies and private entities to implement well-planned strategies in international cultural relations that provide an enabling environment for artists and cultural operators, promoting a fair-trade attitude to culture, that entails stability and sustainability in the Euro-Arab geographical region and beyond.

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