Habiter Beyrouth

Michel Tabet
Nov 29, 2020
5:30 PM - 5:40 PM
Michel Tabet


I was not Beirut on the day of the explosion, but I think the shock wave reached me. For days and days my stomach turned upside down. It's not just because this explosion hit my city and my country. It's also because the neighborhoods that have been affected are the neighborhoods of my childhood and adolescence, the neighborhoods where my closest Lebanese friends live and where I know every nook and cranny. I decided to visit them, get some news, walk the streets and measure the geographical and human modifications that this explosion induces.

BIPOD 2020
Michel TabetPodcast
Daniel PreciadoSound and mix
Claire LissaldeProduction
Caroline TabetSpeaker
Stéphanie Abou ChedidSpeaker
Pierre MansourSpeaker

The Artist

Michel Tabet is a French Lebanese film director and visual anthropologist. His work is located at the nexus between documentary and social science. He works regularly with research centres, NGO’s and artists to develop investigative film capabilities. His works included Méditerranéee (France, 2020), Voices from Kasserine (Tunisia, 2017), Zana-bahoaka - le néo rebelle malagasy (Madagascar, 2016), and The Tears of Imam Hussein (Lebanon, 2006).

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