Rana Khoury

Creative Director and Social Activist

Rana Khoury is the co-founder of “Phenomenal Women”, a social enterprise that works with women coming from very difficult economic background, survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, trafficking and all forms of gender-based violence, to link them to job opportunities. Rana is also a Creative Director and is behind many of the gender equality award winning campaigns coming out from the Arab region. She has dedicated the last years of her career to campaigns that would bring real change on the ground, and many of those she worked on have had a substantial impact on the community in both Lebanon and the region and contributed to real change on institutional levels. Rana also teaches a Creative Writing class for Media and Communication at the American University of Beirut.


Caring, Daring, Sharing

Omar RajehPeggy OlislaegersRana KhouryPascal BrunetHope Azeda

Maqamat organizes in partnership with the CND and the Relais Culture Europe, on May 6 and 7 in Lyon, meetings in several form...


Architecture of a Ruined Body

Omar RajehPeggy OlislaegersRasha SaltiSimon DoveRana KhouryPascal BrunetFabrizio Grifasi

In the panel discussion “The Architecture of a Ruined Body” we are hoping to open a window of inspiration and motivation towa...

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