Peggy Olislaegers

Dance Activist & Dramaturg

Peggy Olislaegers (1966) is a dancer, dramaturg and dance activist, working in hiphop, contemporary dance and ballet. She became an established adviser during her directorship of the Dutch Dance Festival (2010-2016), co-created innovative European projects like Act Your Age and Performing Gender, and has advised choreographers in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Taiwan and the Netherlands. She has been Artistic Associate of dance company Rambert/London, and is Associate on Research and Development of Dutch National Ballet.

Lab for Artists

Brainstorming/ Bodystorming with Peggy Olislaegers

Peggy OlislaegersJulia MonclaEmma DufiefMatthis Lainé SilasBérengère FournierClotilde Amprimoz

What does it mean to be an artist nowadays? In this lab internationally acclaimed dance activist Peggy Olislaegers will chall...


Caring, Daring, Sharing

Omar RajehPeggy OlislaegersRana KhouryPascal BrunetHope Azeda

Maqamat organizes in partnership with the CND and the Relais Culture Europe, on May 6 and 7 in Lyon, meetings in several form...


Architecture of a Ruined Body

Omar RajehPeggy OlislaegersRasha SaltiSimon DoveRana KhouryPascal BrunetFabrizio Grifasi

In the panel discussion “The Architecture of a Ruined Body” we are hoping to open a window of inspiration and motivation towa...


The Public Speaks

Omar RajehPeggy OlislaegersLEE Jong-Ho

How do we continue to engage? What does it mean to be an audience these days? An observer? A witness? How are audience member...


The Aftermath of a Masked World

Omar RajehPeggy OlislaegersStéphane Malfettes

In the panel discussion “The Aftermaths of a masked World” , focusing on what it means to be an artist these days, we start o...


Cartes Sur Table

Peggy OlislaegersMélanie DemersDavy BrunAmy Bell

In the panel discussion “Cartes Sur Table” we will discuss the kind of relationships and conversations needed these days. How...

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