Clotilde Amprimoz

Dancer and Choreographer

Both director and choreographer, Clotilde Amprimoz has been developing interdisciplinary artistic projects with the inhabitants since 2011, produced by ChoréACtif’s association in Auvergne-Rhône- Alpes region in order to enhance material and immaterial heritage, especially human (work, memory, intercom): Homo Laborans (2011-2018), Rivages (2013-2020), Mon Patrimoine tu t'animes à #Thiers ? (2016-2018), Forges (2019-2020).... She has collaborated in the production shows with different companies as well as events, workshops or lectures on dance and/or image with institutions or festivals.

Lab for Artists

Brainstorming/ Bodystorming with Peggy Olislaegers

Peggy OlislaegersJulia MonclaEmma DufiefMatthis Lainé SilasBérengère FournierClotilde Amprimoz

What does it mean to be an artist nowadays? In this lab internationally acclaimed dance activist Peggy Olislaegers will chall...

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