Stéphane Malfettes


In May 2019 Stéphane Malfettes was appointed director of les SUBS, living place for artistic experiences in Lyon (France). He has worked at many of France’s leading cultural institutions, including Nanterre Amandiers Theater, the Lille Opera, the French National Immigration Museum in Paris and the Louvre where he was director of the museum’s auditorium. He has also curated a number of exhibitions including “Paris-London. Music migrations (1962-89)” at French National Immigration Museum in Paris (2018), “Déshabillez-moi! Les costumes de la pop et de la chanson” at the Centre National du Costume de Scène in Moulins (2016), “Fan Attitudes” at the 106 in Rouen (2013). He is also a contributor to the review Art Press and author of American Rock Trip (éd. Zones Sensibles, 2012).


The Aftermath of a Masked World

Omar RajehPeggy OlislaegersStéphane Malfettes

In the panel discussion “The Aftermaths of a masked World” , focusing on what it means to be an artist these days, we start o...

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