Amy Bell

Dance Artist & Producer

Amy’s performance and producing work, augmented by writing, curating, facilitating and dramaturgical practices, is borne of binary busting fervour. Amy aims to explode ‘them-and-us’ thinking around embodiment, queerness, marginalisation and relationships between audiences, artists and institutions. Their awarding-winning The Forecast has toured widely. They have performed with Tino Sehgal, Hussein Chalayan & Damien Jalet, Alessandro Sciarroni and Lea Anderson amongst others. Amy is Artist Development Producer at The Place, London where they also curate Splayed, an international festival of queer performance and digital art. Photo credit: Christa Holka


Cartes Sur Table

Peggy OlislaegersMélanie DemersDavy BrunAmy Bell

In the panel discussion “Cartes Sur Table” we will discuss the kind of relationships and conversations needed these days. How...

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