Zoé Johnson

Dancer and Choreographer

Zoé is an international performer/dancer and choreographer based in Madagascar. She founded TAHALA COMPANY in 2004. Deeply rooted in the territory of Tamatave, in 2005 she opened the Dihy Mahavelona Training Center. In the same year, she created the MITSAKA festival which brought together hundreds of dancers from all over the island and foreign companies. From this momentum was born the M3R network (Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique and Reunion), which promotes the development and professionalization of dance in the Indian Ocean. In 2017 his piece Tsingy was a finalist at the Francophone Games in Côte d'Ivoire, in 2021 his solo Sambofotsy won the Visa pour la Création de l'Institut Français.

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Les Hors-Lits Belfort-Tunis #1

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