Meriem Bouajaja


Trained at the Mediterranean Choreographic Center, Meriem was named best dancer at the Tunis Capital of Dance Festival (2015, 2018). She began her career with Imed Jemaa, Marwen Errouine, Nejib Ben Khalfallah and Nacera Belaza. In 2020, she obtains her Technical Aptitude Examination (EAT) in contemporary dance to start teacher training. At the same time, she co-wrote her first duet, Novice No-vice with Mohamed Chniti. She was hired in 2019 by VIADANSE to perform AKZAK by Héla Fattoumi and Eric Lamoureux. She is a permanent dancer there. Photo Alexandre Baehr

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Les Hors-Lits Belfort-Tunis #1

Mohamed ChnitiMeriem BouajajaChourouk El MahatiMohamed LamqayssiAngela VanoniZoé JohnsonSelim Ben SafiaAL BADIL

Since 2005, Hors-Lits provides artistic performance opportunities in local residents’ homes. Created by Léonardo Montecchia i...

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