Silvia Giordano


Silvia Giordano is an Italian choreographer, author and curator. She graduated in Choreography from Codarts & Fontys in The Netherlands and she holds a Phd in Management of Cultural Heritage. Her research deals with practicing intuition in the choreographic practice and she navigates between controlled craftsmanship and playful responsiveness from visual scores. She moves beyond divisions and across disciplines, combining writing, dance and opera, storytelling and cinema, paradoxes and reality. She is also active in the field of cultural management and dance curatorship and she is now funding La Cap | Re-Hub, a thought and movement aggregator for creatives and professionals based in Tuscany. Photos © Sara Mautone

Video dance

Cameras of October

Yara BoustanyLayal BerberiNatasha KaramSilvia Giordano

Cameras of October is a project by Maqamat Beit El Raqs in collaboration with, supported by the UNESCO within #...

Video dance

Fresh Oranges into the ocean

Silvia Giordano

While merging and intertwining with nature, three young girls create a metaphorical and visionary narrative of their present ...

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