Fresh Oranges into the ocean

Silvia Giordano
May 27 - May 29, 2022
2:00 PM


While merging and intertwining with nature, three young girls create a metaphorical and visionary narrative of their present condition and their projections towards the future. Through their lightness, disorientation, vitality, and strength, they embark on a choreographic journey facing high and low tides, turbulence and contradictions, calm and turmoil. Guided by absurd questions the oranges reflect the path of the protagonists in their delicate passage to adulthood and guide us in a poetic reflection on our lives. Photos © Nuanda Sheridan & Sofia Quercetti

Cameras of October
Silvia GiordanoConcept, Choreography and Direction
Noemi CalzavaraDancer
Eduarda SantosDancer
Reiko OhtaDancer
Nuanda SheridanVideo Director and editor
Sofia Quercetti DOP, Filmmaker and Colorist
Giorgos Gargalas Music
Silvia GiordanoText, Script and Editor


Maqamat is a dance company that was established in Beirut in 2002 by Omar Rajeh and moved to Lyon in 2020 in the perspective of developing its creative and cultural projects in France and internationally. It played a major role in the organization, creation and establishment of a contemporary dance scene in Lebanon and the region. It has founded major dance projects such as BIPOD-Beirut International Platform of Dance, Takween, an intensive training program, Moultaqa Leymoun, a showcase platform supporting artists from different Arab countries and more recently the digital platform

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Produced by

La Cap

Supported by Sosta Palmizi, Tendance festival, Home centro coreografico.

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