Corps, Conscience et Cosmos

Vania VaneauChristophe DemurLaurent Chevillard
May 7, 2022
12:00 PM
CND - Centre National de la Danse


What are the links between the body consciousness and the cosmos? Or first of all, what is the body, the consciousness, the cosmos?… During this afternoon it will be a question of investigating by practice and by theory, what these terms invite to explore and question at through the prism of three different areas: Zen, physics and dance. Starting from her artistic research through dance, Vania Vaneau, dancer and choreographer, invites Christophe Demur, Zen monk and Laurent Chevillard, researcher in physics and mathematics to share their practices and points of view on these themes.

BIPOD 2022
Vania VaneauSpeaker and Instructor
Christophe DemurSpeaker
Laurent ChevillardSpeaker

CND - Centre National de la Danse

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