Come Rain or Shine

Justyne Li Sze-Yeung
May 25 - May 29, 2022
4:00 PM


How to overcome a harsh environment? People are living like ants. Sunlight may not be inevitable, but rain may bring clarity to the mind and body. The ant is getting used to being abused and enjoys the rain that brings vitality. Will it die? Maybe, but at least it lived courageously.

Cinedans Program
Justyne Li Sze-yeung Director, Choreographer and Producer


Cinedans is an organization that fosters and develops dance and film /new media. The four main pillars of the organization are Cinedans FEST, WEB, TOUR and LAB. Cinedans FEST is unique in the Netherlands and in the world, celebrating dance film as genre and art form. Cinedans sees the ideal dance film as a true synthesis between the media of dance and cinematography. At Cinedans FEST the emphasis lies on choreographies which are created specifically for the camera and on special film adaptations of existing dance performances. Cinedans FEST also features a selection of special documentaries and retrospectives. Approximately 130 films from all over the world are screened each year. Photo © Peau de Chagrin / Bleu de Nuit by Baloji

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