Alaa Ali Abdallah

Stereo 48
Photographer and Videographer

Ala’an Ali Abdallah is a photographer and videographer based in the city of Nablus, He has started his artistic career in Circus, and in Parallel took photographs for his artists companions. In 2014 he decided to professionalize photography with an artistic vision focused on performing arts. He organized several exhibitions, his first one was “Photography Exhibition” in 2016 supported by the French institute, followed by another one in 2017 “A message through Camera” which exhibited in “TEDx” at the Arab American University. He worked as a videographer with many artists and organizations such as the Palestinian Circus School, Freedom Theatre, Stereo48 Dance Company, and Sarreyet Ramallah. Cover Photo Hamza Damra

Stereo 48

Stereo48 is a Palestinian young organization working in the field of performing art and particularly contemporary theater and dance. It has been founded in 2014 by a group of break-dancers from the city of Nablus. Their mission is to enhance the performing art scene in Palestine through several programs: theatre and dance performances, hip-hop workshops and classes in the refugee camps always believing in the positive impact of culture on the people living in marginalized areas. Moreover the Dance Competitions Program that they organize focuses on expanding and spreading the culture of dance and hip-hop through dance competitions for professionals engaging in friendly contests.

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