Alexandre Paulikevitch


Alexandre Paulikevitch, was born in 1982 in Beirut, Lebanon. In 2000, he moved to Paris to pursue his interest in dance. He graduated from the University of Paris VIII with a degree in Theater and Dance. He has been living in Beirut since 2006, creating spaces of reflection on “Baladi Dance” commonly known as “Belly Dance” through his work as a teacher and performer.


Morning Coffee with Alexandre Paulikevitch

Omar RajehAlexandre Paulikevitch

Morning Coffee with Alexandre Paulikevitch and Omar Rajeh talking about his performance “A’alehom” that touches on a deeply i...

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Alexandre Paulikevitch

“A’alehom” is a solo performance that tells a story of loss, pain, physical abuse and revolt. It is about overcoming obstacle...


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