Anani Sanouvi

Cie Kawin
Dancer and Choreographer

Transmedia artist, choreographer and dancer Anani has been hailed for his ability to assimilate different traditions and disciplines into his own dynamic language. His creations have toured worldwide in theatres as well as in museums and site specific locations. Laureate of Unesco, África Center and the Rolex ‘Mentor and Protégé’ Initiative, he has also collaborated with artists such as Peter Sellars and Anne Teresa De Keersmaker. Photo Christiane da Cunha

Cie Kawin

Anani Sanouvi and Christiane da Cunha create Kawin, an interdisciplinary company that blurs the lines between performance, dance, sound art and visual arts. The company is based on a de-colonial vision and practice, on knowledge and the crossing of the animist sensibilities Guarany of Christiane and Éwé of Anani as well as their respective cultures. Since 2006, they have presented their creations in numerous theaters, festivals, museums and cultural centers, in Brazil and abroad.

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Cie KawinAnani Sanouvi

In my ethnicity - Éwé - the formation of musical polyrhythm encompasses not only sound aspects but also motion, with each dan...

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