Colectivo Querido Venado

Dance collective

Carla Segovia and Guillermo Aguilar began collaborating in 2017 after discovering their creative affinity while working as members of Colectivo Querido Venado. They premiered their first duet titled One Hit Wonder in Mexico but soon traveled abroad when they won SóLODOS en Danza in Costa Rica in 2018. This award gave them the opportunity to showcase their artistic vision throughout some of the most important summer festivals in Spain: Cádiz en Danza, Nexos , Danza no Calustro, Trayectos, Corpo(a)Terra, Deltebre Dansa, Figures es MOU and Certamen Burgos & NY. One Hit Wonder became a regular in prestigious Mexican festivals and has been shown in different communities in Costa Rica and Guatemala. In 2020 they began working on H.A.R.L.E.M., which became a finalist at 4x4 TJ Nights, one of the most important contemporary dance contests in Mexico.


Colectivo Querido Venado

"Carla Segovia et Guillermo Aguilar ont commencé à collaborer en 2017 après avoir découvert leur affinité créative en travail...

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