Davide Valrosso

Dancer and Choreographer

Davide Valrosso, choreographer, dancer, performer, artist and trainer, founded NINA in 2021, of which he is the artistic director and coordinator of the project "INCUBATOR for future choreographers", both supported by MIBAC. For two years he was both Associate Artist of the East-West Festival and Resident Choreographer of the Ballet of Rome. Among the many choreographers with whom he works, particular importance should be given to the figure of Virgilio Sieni with whom he collaborates, both as a dancer and as a performer and trainer within the Academy on the Art of the Gesture in Florence. As an author he was selected at the Antibody Showcase in 2016, a year later he participated in the NID Platform, and was selected in projects such as: Proof of Author XL, ResDance XL,Resid 'And (national academy). In 2018 he created "Biography of a body", produced by Kilowatt/Capotrave, as part of the European BeSpectACTive project. In 2019 he was reported as an emerging Apulian artist, among his producers he can boast collaborations including: Anghiari Hug, Tir, Körper, Festival Oriente Occidente, Teatro Comunale di Vicenza. As an author he has worked with the Company Attakkalari Bangalore – India and the Polish Dance Theatre, Poland. He currently collaborates with the La Sapienza University of Rome in SARAS and with the University of Pisa in the "Discipline dello spettacolo e della comunicazione" department. Her latest creation Love|Paradisi artificiali, winner of the Cross Award, debuted at the MilanOltre Festival last September 2020.


Davide Valrosso

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