Diane Fardoun

Dancer and Director

Diane, 33, is the founder of the SCREENSKIN production label. Her intention is to mix the arts, or forms of expression, through Dance, which is at the heart of her universe. Trained in Paris by Corinne Lanselle in contemporary dance, she began her career as a dancer with Abou Lagraa's company La Baraka. Diane also performs in Danse aérienne, a show directed by the choreographer Tanya Lazebnik. In parallel to her work as a performer, she is committed to making her own creations. Directing and staging for music videos and photo shoots, L'appel à la Danse became an obvious choice in 2014. The important thing is to focus on the substance in his artistic approach. A quest for the real. The raw. Hugo Bembi, Pierre Durosoy and Julien Villa have been her faithful collaborators for years, right from the start. By bringing together her three great passions, Dance, the meeting of the arts and the ancestral and modern world cultures. Diane is particularly sensitive to the paths of individuals, to their singular identity, to their intimacy and this is felt in her approach to making her film.


The Call of Dance in Senegal

Diane Fardoun

The Call of Dance is a raw, immersive collection of moments in modern Senegalese dance that captures the complexity of this n...

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