Giannis Karaoulis


Giannis Karaoulis is a graduate of the Dramatic School of NTNG and of the School of International Studies of University of Macedonia. He has collaborated with the National Theater of Northern Greece, the Cyprus Theater Organization and others. He worked with many directors as: T. Grauzinis, P. Erotokritou, K. Rigos, T. Tzamargias, K. Filippoglou and others. He has directed the performances: “The stronger”, “K + M”, “Women's Letters”. Giannis is the artistic curator of the youth theatre project “Youth in a Desserted Island” for TH.O.C. where he directed “Dr Korzcak’s example” and “The sound of cracking bones”. He is a founding member of the 8x8 theatre-group where he directed S. Zweig’ s “The Chess Story”.

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