Dancer and Choreographer

Choreographer and curator of festivals and contemporary dance and body languages projects. His work stands out for its rigor and curiosity towards communities, rituals and the anthropological investigation of society through dance. Since 2008 he founds Menhir Dance Company, creates several choreographies and establishes many contemporary dance reviews and programs. From 2013 to 2016 is coordinator of La Biennale di Venezia College Danza. Since 2017 he is artistic director of Talos Festival dance area and in 2021 he establishes Le Danzatrici, a research and audience engagement project. photo by Vicky Solli

Menhir Dance Company

MENHIR is a contemporary dance organization based in Ruvo di Puglia - Metropolitan City of Bari, South of Italy. Since 2009 realized several productions, international educational courses, international programs and audience engagement projects (LE DANZATRICI, archeology of contemporary). Between 2018 and 2020 Menhir diffused more than 40 performances in the regional and national contemporary dance scene and GENESI, the last creation by Giulio De Leo, was presented in Matera Capitale 2019. Since 2017 Menhir is responsible of TALOS FESTIVAL dance program and since 2019 is partner of Fondazione Fabbrica Europa in Florence for the realization of CRISOL, creative processes. Photo Cinzia Cantatore

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Lazarus serial version

Giulio De LeoErika Guastamacchia

LAZARUS serial version is a performance inspired by the theme of REBIRTH, born from an idea of Giulio De Leo and developed in...

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