Hiva Sedaghat


Hiva is an Iranian choreographer, dancer and performer. During her studies in Architecture, she continued her journey in Contemporary Dance, through participating in various workshops, laboratories and artistic residencies. Her dance pieces, have been presented at festivals across Europe, East Mediterranean Countries, and New York. She has a strong passion for collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Now she is continuing her journey as a freelance artist with researching, traveling and creating new ideas through her body, sound and writing.


MāHa is created by the body and meditating on the body itself, it aims at reminding us of passion and expressing it through movement, emphasizing on perception from the environment, action and reaction, effect and affect, individual worldview, learning and education. By designing and performing the movements, MāHa attempts to represent a narrative of the world, appreciate the sensation of the universe and, through the participation and sympathy of others, move a step closer towards promoting the art of dance and choreography.

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Morning Coffee with Māha

Mia HabisMitra Ziaie KiaHiva SedaghatAmirhossein Taghavi

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Azi Dahaka

MāhaMitra Ziaie KiaHiva SedaghatAmirhossein Taghavi

The piece is inspired by a symbolic Iranian myth about a Persian king who trans- forms into a three-headed monster, witnessin...


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