Jayeon Park


Originally from Seoul, Jayeon Park makes cinema her lifeline, as if to free himself from an overly strict societal environment. She escapes in the aesthetics of Terrence Malick and surrenders in the magical realism of Bruno Dumont. In 2011, she joins renowned Dongguk University. Graduated in 2016, she moves to France, works for a time at “Re:Voir” in Paris on 16mm installations, then extends her interest in the experimental with a visual art license from the fine arts in Toulouse. In 2021, she concludes her studies with a master's degree in cinema at Ensav. She makes a first short documentary on a multitalented artist for an Arte call of project. Now based in Montpellier, Jayeon Park is participating in the launch of Souligné productions, a collective of young directors aspiring to produce their own films. She has since alternated between editing and writing her next films, always between documentary, fiction and experimental.

Short Film

Cartographie Silencieuse d'une Histoire d’Errance

Jayeon Park

A collaboration between director Jayeon Park and artist Emi Sri Hartati Combet, this film showcases how the artist wears and ...

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