Mathieu Labaye


Mathieu Labaye was born on 5 November 1977 in Liège, Belgium. According to him his life, as soon as he was old enough to hold a pencil, consisted of "drawing, drawing, drawing". He went through a short but enriching period of architectural studies, which taught him to see things from all angles. A useful apprenticeship, because you have to be able to draw a character "from every angle" to animate it correctly. After an illustration school in Liège, he studied in Brussels at the La Cambre animation school. Jean-Luc Slock, the director of the association Caméra-etc based in Liège, offered him to come and work there before he had even finished his studies. Since the end of 2002, he has found a balance between working in the studio with non-professionals and developing more personal projects. Orgesticulanismus is based on the testimony of his father, Benoît Labaye, an environmentalist municipal councillor in Liège. This is his first film as a director.

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