Miriam Aguilera

DIN A 13 tanzcompany

Miriam is a dancer, actress and choreographer. As an actress, she has been active on the stage for 20 years. In 2012 she came to dance when she joined the dance company Liant la troca under the artistic direction of Jordi Cortés. In addition to the continuous collaboration with Jordi Cortés (“Fuck-in-Progress, 2015), he also worked in“ Tan lluny ”, a dance piece by Artur Villalba, in“ Wolf ”and“ Catch me ”, dance videos by Jokin Labien, and in “Manipulation” under the direction of Elena Zanzu. In 2014 she founded Noutel together with Rita Yurdance, where she develops her own pieces.

DIN A 13 tanzcompany

DIN A 13 tanzcompany is one of the few dance ensembles comprised of dancers with different bodily capabilities. The artistic approach taken by the company is marked by the exploration and visualization of the quality of movement inherent in “differing bodies” whose diversity forms the basis for the choreographical work. Gerda König challenges viewing habits and normative ideals found in contemporary dance, enriching it in the process through new impulses.

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