Associate professor, Choreographer

With over 30 years of experience in Higher Education and professional productions, Nadra Assaf is an associate professor of Communication and Dance at the Lebanese American University and founder of Al-Sarab Dance (1991). With M.F.A. from Sarah Lawrence College, and an EdD from Leicester University she created dance opportunities throughout Lebanon and the region.  Some recent productions/publications include: Audience/performer re-action: an investigation into audience/performer reciprocity via a touring site-specific performance in Lebanon (2020) Public Conflict, Private Scars (2019).

Al Sarab Dance Company

Al-Sarab Dance Company (ASDC) is located in the oldest city in the world: Byblos, Lebanon. Just like its name states, Al-Sarab – Arabic for Mirage – aims to transport its audience in to a world where everything is possible; where everyone can dance, including its audience. ASDC is known for its audience-interactive performances, as well as its multi-disciplinary collaborations with artists from around the world. The company has been hard at work since 1991 when it was first established by its founder and artistic director Nadra Assaf (PhD). Since then, it has grown to showcase the artistic excellence and innovative choreography of all its members. Photo Mourane Matar

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Nadra Assaf

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