Natalia Dufraisse & Filip Piskorzynski


Natalia Dufraisse is a french-colombian multiple performer - she acts, dances, sings and writes in different languages. She studied theater at Moscow's National Conservatory and started acting in feature films in Russia. Once back in Europe, she created her own artistic company in Brussels and keeps developing her personal projects, while collaborating with other artists and exploring the weaving between arts. Filip Piskorzynski is an award-winning film maker and musician based in Hamburg Germany. As a cinematographer, director and music composer he has worked on feature films, documentaries, music videos and commercials. Filip has made two feature films :"Jean& Beatrice" - official selection French film festival in 2015 "Die Räuberin" - official selection Filmfest München & Filmfest Hamburg 2011 Natalia and Filip met in 2008 on an adventurous shooting, since then they've collaborated on many short-meter films or clips, travelling, shooting and imagining new stories and the ways to tell them with images. "GRAVITY" was the first clip they made for RONE, it was shot in Burkina Faso, Germany and Belgium.

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