Nourane started learning ballet through the Cairo Opera House, and the Russian Cultural Center in Alexandria. She joined the Silsilah Dance Program between 2016 and 2018, where she worked with various choreographers, and took part in several dance performances. Through Silsilah, she developed her passion towards contemporary dance. Nourane is also a Gender Advocate and dialogue reform lead facilitator who is engaged in several activities in Alexandria, promoting for body rights and diversity, besides being an active feminist. Photo Kirllos Yousif

Centre Rézodanse Egypte

Centre Rézodanse Egypte is an independent cultural centre dedicated to the development and promotion of the art of dance in Alexandria. Established since 2008, Rézodanse has implemented numerous artistic and cultural projects around dance; including, but not limited to, training programmes, artistic residencies, and organising festivals and performances, in addition to its educational activities through its different programmes. Rézodanse aims to promote the appreciation of dance on the local level, emphasizing it as an integral part of the Egyptian cultural heritage and to make dance accessible to different social segments, as well as planting the seeds for an emerging local dance scene in Alexandria.

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