Pablo Palacio

Instituto Stocos

Pablo Palacio is a music composer, researcher and co-director of Instituto Stocos, a project focused on the transfer of concepts between art and science in a performative context. His work focuses on the establishment of perceptual connections between algorithmic processes, physical movement, and sonic images. He is a very active composer for dance and performing arts designing multiple interactive musical instruments for dancers and musicians. He also collaborates with Conservatories and Universities divulging new perspectives and technologies in sound composition.

Instituto Stocos

Integrated by Muriel Romero, Pablo Palacio and Daniel Bisig, INSTITUTO STOCOS is a project focused on the analysis, research and development of the interaction between body gesture, music and interactive visual imagery, integrating in a performative context abstraction taken from other disciplines such as artificial intelligence, biology, mathematics or experimental psychology. In their stage works the dancers interact with sonic and visual entities, allowing to alter and extend their bodily presence.

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