Dance Festival

Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival is annually organized by Sareyyet Ramallah. It is an artistic festival specialized in contemporary dance and was first held in 2006. In 2007, the Masahat Contemporary Dance Network, which in addition to Sareyyet Ramallah includes Maqamat– Lebanon, Tanween Dance Theatre – Syria, The National Center for Culture and Performing Arts – Jordan, was established. Since 2007, contemporary dance festivals are jointly organized by these organizations. The Festival aims at promoting dialogue and cultural exchange between the Palestinian people and the people of the world. It also aims to introduce a variety of contemporary dance styles to the Palestinian people and to develop the capabilities of those who work in the dance field in Palestine.


Shams Dance CompanyJumana Dabis

The mind guides us, confines us, and sets us free. It reflects our emotions, personalities, and traits. The mind tires us, ye...

Sacré Printemps

Aicha M’Barek & Hafiz Dhaou

As part of the cooperation between Sareyyet Ramallah and the National Academy of Dance of Rome located in Italy, 7 dancers fr...

Comrades in the Dark

Caitlin Barnett

Long Kesh, Belfast. 1981. Bobby Sands embarks on hunger strike in pursuit of political status. On day 66 he died. Nine other ...

Live Streaming

isson – a solo for two men

cie. toula limnaios

The motif of the ‘doppelganger’ is both irritating and fascinating at the same time: his appearance confounds the boundaries ...

Live Streaming

Journey to Jerusalem

Stereo 48

A Journey to Jerusalem, also known as Trip to Jerusalem, is a dance production project inspired by the famous children’s gam...

Video dance

False Awakening E1

Stereo 48

This is the first episode of False Awakening which is a short-form dance series consisting of 3 episodes and based on the mus...

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