Silvia Oteri

Dancer and Choreographer

In 2011 she was selected to follow the MoDem path of the Compagnia Zappalà Danza, and in the years to follow for the young company CZD2, with which she will participate in several projects with Roberto Zappalà, Davide Sportelli, Elia Mbrak, Nancy Lopez Luna Cano, Manfredi Perego, Samir Calixto. Since 2017 she has worked as a freelancer with the Giovanna Velardi Company and with MPIdeograms by Manfredi Perego, of which she is also assistant choreographer. She created the first creations in 2018 and was selected for Anghiari Dance Hub 2020 and for Nuove Trajectorie XL/PRO-Showcase of the young auteur dance. Since 2019 she has collaborated with the SicilyMade Collective with which he won the call Le città Visibili – Per Chi Crea and is among the young artists associated with Scenario Pubblico- Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza for the three-year period 22-24.



Silvia Oteri

Life tickles us to look at the emotions of today. Through body and spirit, characterizing bodily research on movement and emo...

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