Gabrielle Giraud
Mar 26 - Apr 2, 2022
11:00 AM


During the second confinement, a dance class will change the daily lives of many people from Marseille. This film starts from a visceral need to share this experience in order to make people want to exchange again in such a complex period. This short 14-minute documentary was shot over several months and presents the portrait of three people who come to the dance class. How can dance participate in self-affirmation in a society where the image is central? How to reclaim your body in the public space? More than just entertainment. Depending on the context, dance can become a means of militating and regaining power in a pacifist way. Photos © Gabrielle Giraud

International Short Film Competition of the DAN.CIN.FEST 2022
Gabrielle GiraudConcept
Maryam KabaCo-founder of Afrovibe Dance Workout
Bastien Molines Dancer
Sophie Lipinski Dancer
Célia Gbekan Dancer


DAN.CIN.LAB is an artistic platform created by STÉLA non-profit organization, engaged in the creation, production, commissioning and distribution of projects combining dance and image around societal issues. DAN.CIN.LAB now gathers 4 activities developed around strong skills: DAN.CIN.FEST (formerly DESARTS//DESCINES Festival), 
DAN.CIN.PROD. DAN.CIN.LAB is also co-founder of Studiotrade and the Mediterranean Screendance Network. In 2019, DAN.CIN.LAB launches mAPs – migrating Artists Project with 4 European partners [ Coorpi – Italy, Tanzrauschen e.V. – Germany, Malakta Films – Finland and MØZ – Greece ] for the development of an innovative creation process aiming for a collection of 5 dance films about Power, with the support of the Creative Europe programme. **Photo ©Sonia Clarke in Traverse by Marlene Millar and Sandy Silva. Photo by Marie M.**

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