Information Environment

Humans MoveJessie Brett
Mar 26 - Apr 2, 2022
11:00 AM


Information Environment asks the viewer to observe and question what we are deciding to connect to in todays world to what extent we are actually in control of our behaviour. Dancers in Wales, England, Spain and Ethiopia explore their connections to technology, each other and mother earth. Photos © Roger Graham

International Short Film Competition of the DAN.CIN.FEST 2022
Jessie BrettDirector, Choreographer and Concept
Yohannes BeleteDancer
Bruiktawit DemekeDancer
Enqusilasie DemekeDancer
Betelehem LeulDancer
Dawit Seto Dancer
Laila White Dancer
Beth PowleslandDancer and Main singing voice
Andrew TaddDancer
Edom BaheruText
Jessie BrettText
Ella Faye DonleyRead by
George ElliaCamera
Roger GrahamCamera and Editor
Ashenafi GudetaCamera
Alcia 0’BrienCamera
Jered SorkinMusic and Sound
Melat CodeVoice


DAN.CIN.LAB is an artistic platform created by STÉLA non-profit organization, engaged in the creation, production, commissioning and distribution of projects combining dance and image around societal issues. DAN.CIN.LAB now gathers 4 activities developed around strong skills: DAN.CIN.FEST (formerly DESARTS//DESCINES Festival), 
DAN.CIN.PROD. DAN.CIN.LAB is also co-founder of Studiotrade and the Mediterranean Screendance Network. In 2019, DAN.CIN.LAB launches mAPs – migrating Artists Project with 4 European partners [ Coorpi – Italy, Tanzrauschen e.V. – Germany, Malakta Films – Finland and MØZ – Greece ] for the development of an innovative creation process aiming for a collection of 5 dance films about Power, with the support of the Creative Europe programme. **Photo ©Sonia Clarke in Traverse by Marlene Millar and Sandy Silva. Photo by Marie M.**

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Humans Move

Funded by Arts Council of Wales

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