Yara Boustany
Nov 30, 2020
6:00 PM - 6:40 PM
Yara Boustany


Noctilūca explores the potential re-appropriation of a lost wild layer of being. In the pursuit of a disciplined and controlled society, sparks of dynamism and life force have been dulled. Awakening the tamed and penetrating the unknown, I reunite with my body, in the sway of a primordial tune.

BIPOD 2020
Yara BoustanyChoreography and Performance
Georgios GargalasComposer
Racha BaroudDramaturg
Riccardo ClementiLight Designer
Farah NaboulsiTechnical Support
Nader BahsounPhotography

The Artist

Yara Boustany is a dance/theater performer and choreographer based in Beirut. She is the founder Amalgam Studio in Beirut, a space for performers to develop their practice.Her interdisciplinary work is a poetical approach to the dilemmas of being human in a rapidly evolving society - technologically, scientifically and philosophically. She took part in national and international performances, including Beirut, Stuttgart, Ankara, Warsaw, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Chalon-sur-Saone and Athens.

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Special thanks to Ayman Baalbaki, Layal Boustany, Nader Bahsoun, Abbas Bayram, Aymeric Lorthiois

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