Afif Dimitri Haddad

La Compagnie Éphémère

Afif Dimitri Haddad was a multidisciplinary artist. Afif Dimitri Haddad was a curator. Afif Dimitri Haddad was a gallery owner. Afif Dimitri Haddad was an art teacher. Afif Dimitri Haddad is now serving manakish.

La Compagnie Éphémère

La Compagnie Éphémère brings together a dedicated community of semiprofessional and enthusiast movers working under the artistic direction of Corinne Skaff. In response to the shattering realities of our world in crisis, it is a long-distance, mutant dance company that focuses on Movement creation for embodied community building. Photo Malek Fleifel

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