Dancer, choreographer, teacher

Choreographer, dancer and teacher, resident in Barcelona. Since 2005 she combines the work as a performer with making her own creations, individually and collectively. At the moment she is part of the Big Bouncers’Collective, with whom she has created several works and manages the creation space La Visiva. She is also part of G.R.U.A (Grup de Recerca d’Universos Artístics) together with Pere Faura and Claudia Solwat. She is part of Group LaBolsa, formed by diferent dance makers, with whom until now has created the piece The mesure of disorder, directed by Thomas Hauert (Festival Grec 2015, Charleroi Danses 2015). She has collaborated in several creations with Pere Faura, Roger Bernat, Joao Lima, Maria Montseny, Mira Calix and Alexander’s Annex, Oriol Roca, and Vrak’ Trio. She has worked as a performer with several companies: Àlex Rigola, Erre que Erre, Sol Picó, Iliacan, Búbulus, Array, F.& C. Ben Aïm. She has participated in the projects Caldera Express directed by Julyen Hamilton and John Jasperse. **Photo Tristan Perez-Martin**

Col·lectiu Big Bouncers

The founding members of the Big Bouncer collective, Anna Rubirola, Cecilia Colacrai and Mireia de Querol, are independent artists living in Barcelona. They started working together in may 2012, sharing their interests and developing a common practice with the wish of investigating and deepening their knowledge in the new scenic languages and generating their own work methodology. In 2015, the collective was awarded the Premi Sebastià Gasch, for emerging artists for their performance BIG BOUNCE. Their piece O.V.N.I. was nominated for Awards of the critics of performing arts (Catalunya) 2018 as the best national dance piece.

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