Annabel Reid is a contemporary dancer, performer and freelance artist based in Brussels. She graduated from Amsterdam University of the Arts in the Modern Theatre Dance department in 2018. Annabel has been working with Troubleyn/ Jan Fabre since 2016. She took part as dancer and actress in the productions of Mount Olympus: To glorify the cult of tragedy, A 24-hour performance and Belgian rules / Belgium rules. She worked as a physical performer and artistic assistant for MovedByMatter/ Kasper Vandenberghe in his site-specific/ durational performance: Panic Fear of Standing Still. She is currently involved with Benjamin Forel's company, L'Ineffable Theatre, on multiple creations for the upcoming year. Concerned about the environmental crisis and the feminist fight, Annabel is working on bridging her artisic choices to these causes. Beginning 2020 she joined Acting for Climate, a scandinavian circus collective, to open discussions around the climate issues and create a performance for the Klimafestivalen in Oslo. More recently she started collaborating and creating with the visual artist, Juliette Lizotte, on a video installation and dance performance which approaches ecofeminism through the subversive character of the witch. Cover photo David Leborgne

Compagnie THOR - Thierry Smits

Since the setting-up of his company in 1990, Thierry Smits has created over thirty dance performances. Among them Eros délétère (1991), Red Rubber Balls (1999), D'ORIENT (2005), V.-Nightmares (2007) and To the Ones I Love (2010). His creations oscillate between sober contemporary lines on the one hand, and pop, queer and often provocative aesthetics on the other hand. Thor‘s performances constantly bear witness of a high technical rigour and gestural inventiveness, of an undisputable frankness and generosity.

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