Dancer and Choreographer

Eliesh is a Lifelong-learner, performer, experimentalist, mover, lecturer, sustainability activist & an “ODDD”. In his artistic work, he situates the body(presence or absence) and its senses in the center of his interventions; he seeks to respond to actual challenges using experimentation and engaging different form of processes & multilayered tools (body(ies), senses, sounds, imagination, storytelling, Public spaces, abandoned Buildings, stages, etc.). His art and interventions focus on sustainable participatory transformation embracing a Global citizenship approach while diminishing different form of borders. His work covers four main fields that are, in many contexts, interconnected; Interactive Art, Movement, Installation & media. Photo © QC

Studio Presentation

Artistic projects in process

Racha BaroudBassam Abou DiabElieshLeila Awadallah

Within the framework of Moultaqa Leymoun and BIPOD 2022 five artists will present their new artistic projects that they are w...

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