Eugenia Gusmerini

Juan Carlos Lérida
Costume Designer

Argentine photographer and stylist, based in Barcelona. Her work is based on the search for pieces of clothing where the pattern and shape make the difference. With her ingenuity to know how to combine them, she creates an avant-garde aesthetic proposal. Gusmerini has done editorials, collaborated with photographers and event producers. She has advised designers and has worked as a costume designer in several theatrical productions.

Juan Carlos Lérida

Juan Carlos Lérida receives flamenco training in Seville. In 2007 received the extraordinary award from the Institut del Teatre (Barcelona). His stamp as a choreographer, dancer and pedagogue makes him be recognized as one of the current representatives of avant-garde flamenco. His last project "La liturgia de las horas", a performance of 12 hours divided into six pieces around the sacred in trades and professions. He was curator since 2009 of Flamenco Empírico cycle (Mercat de les Flors) and is currently curator of the Flamenco Festival Tanzhaus (Dusseldorf). Photo by Daniel Olsson

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